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Other projects we've worked on...

Retrofits Process


A&f actively seek compliant rooftops and engage building owners with proposals to retrofit a horticultural operation onto their building.


A feasibility study begins the due diligence process, progressing through several stages of design development and commercial interrogation, engaging investors at each stage and culminating in a planning application.


If planning approval is deemed likely, the horticultural operation is incorporated as a company and a location specific branch of "Hyperlocal", e.g. "Lydford Hyperlocal".


The host building owner then negotiates leases and logistics with the new Hyperlocal branch before construction and handover.



London Rooftop Farm Survey



June 2013 - present


A&f are embarking on a London wide survey of London's flat, vacant roofscape, identifying potential sites for conversion into viable urban farms. The growing systems employed will range from agricultural green roofs through to greenhouse soil-less production and the models considered will be commercial at their heart. Where host building typologies like social housing may offer the opportunity to consider more social enterprise driven models, these will be highlighted. 

Lydford Estate Rooftop Greenhouse Project


Concept Design - in collaboration with CityWest Homes

June 2013 - present


The Lydford Estate in W9 offers 5,000sqm of potential productive area over 13 blocks. A&f are exploring the commercial and practical viability of retrofitting a horticultural operation on its roofscape alongside social initiatives designed to encourage community cohesion using food literacy as a vehicle.


Maiden Lane Rooftop Greenhouse Project


Concept Design

November 2012 



Amberley Estate Rooftop Greenhouse Project


Concept Design

May 2013

Brunswick Centre Rooftop Greenhouse Project


Concept Design

June 2013 - present



Brunsick House Cafe Rooftop Greenhouse


Concept Design

April 2013 


A&f proposed retrofitting a horticultural greenhouse on the leaky and rooflight punctuated roof of Brunswick House Cafe. A&f proposed retrofitting a greenhouse, creating a new themed restaurant event space along the lines of a Victorian Explorer Gentleman's Conservatory, showcasing water-based high-productivity growing technology growing herbs to supply the kitchens.

Oval Space Roof Terrace Pallet Garden Installation



May 2013 


A&f deliver their first built project at the Oval Space in Bethnal Green. Tasked initially with a design to provide sound absorption for their summer parties, A&f proposed the installation of a pallet garden living wall planted with a range of plants including herbs, supplementing those used in their kitchen and cocktails.

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