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What we've worked on...

New-Builds Process


With New-Builds, A&f work with building developers and design teams from the brief development stage and throughout, continually developing and interrogating the horticultural operation and its relationship with its host.


With concept stage integration, primary hurdles like structural viability and dedicated servicing strategies can be designed in from the outset, lending certainty to the horticultural operation. Incompatibilities between functions are more readily mitigated through design.


Synergies in operation and resource flow between the various components of a development's programme are more likely to be optimised when the horticultural operation has been considered from the outset.

King's Cross Central Building Integrated Agriculture Study


Commissioned by Argent LLP

October 2012


A&f were commissioned by Argent LLP to look at five scenarios for BIA integration on the rooftops of one of Kings Cross Central's office buildings. The scenarios included community allotments, kitchen gardens and open and greenhoused commercial operations

BIA 01 : Redesign of Typical Victorian Terrace for BIA


Concept Design

November 2012


London Victorian terraced house transformed into a photon harvesting “grow your own” sanctuary. Retaining the same number of bedrooms, volume and general dimensions, BIA 01 is anchored in the familiar London vernacular. A&f proposes an energetic re-orientation to solar income, reinventing the solar-facing roof and facade as a generative interface for electricity, food and biomass.

BIA 02 : Terraced Housing with Integrated Commercial Greenhouse


Concept Design

November 2012


Terraced housing is abundant in London. BIA 02 proposes unifying the rooftops of an entire terraced housing block, integrating a commercial grade rooftop horticultural greenhouse serving the blocks residents and local businesses and exploiting all possible synergies between both functions.

BIA 04 : The Cube : BIA Mixed-Use Tower Concept


Concept Design

November 2012


Mixed use office, residential and retail development concept wrapped in a rooftop greenhouse, a planted double-skin facade system and lanced with a central atrium substituting the need for mechanical ventilation.

Pembury Estate Youth Hall


Competition Entry with Haus Ltd.

December 2013


Passivhaus high density residential block with integrated rooftop greenhouse housing boutique herb farm with community functions on the ground floor including community grocer, kitchen and day-care centre.

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