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Lydford Estate Rooftop Greenhouse


The Lydford Estate in W9 offers 5,000sqm of potential productive area over 13 blocks. A&f developed an exploratory rooftop retrofit concept including social initiatives designed to encourage community cohesion using food literacy as a vehicle.

The model explored included the following components :


  • Food waste collection and processing via unitised anaerobic digestion, supplying biogas, heat and electricity to the estate and liquid nutrient solutions to the horticultural operation.

  • ​Solid digestate from the AD will be commodified and sold or used in basement mushroom production facilities in unused garages.

  • Rainwater harvesting and UV treatment for use in horticultural operation or as supplemental greywater.

  • Resurrection of community grocer within the existing community hall, complemented by a community kitchen used as a preserves factory, cooking school and event space.



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